Welsh Hobgoblin

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Great for Welsh Cheese & Chutney lovers xxx - makes a perfect special Welsh gift

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  • Apple Chutney with Hobgoblin Ale and a pinch of ginger, a fantastic chutney from the Patchwork Pate company in Wales - 110g
  • A great truckle of cheese, the amazing "Bouncing Berry" from the Snowdonia cheese company, a mature white Cheddar balanced to perfection with cranberries – deliciously sweet and moreishly creamy - 200g
  • Welsh Oatcakes with Caerphilly cheese, carefully prepared from Welsh recipes using wholesome ingredients - 250g
  • Beechwood, a mature Cheddar with smokey mellow notes of beechwood throughout from the Snowdonia cheese company - 200g
  • Apple, plum & cinnamon preserve from Cwtch preserves, handmade in Wales, an amazing sweet apple jam with a hint of cinnamon, great for afternoon tea or at Christmas time, handmade in small batches in the traditional way. Embrace the taste of Wales! - 340g
  • Wholegrain Mustard with Whisky from Cwtch preserves, a mild course mustard with a hint of whisky. Fantastic with cold meats at Christmas or in that cheeky sandwich. Each batch is made from the finest ingredients, handmade in Wales with lots of Welsh love - enjoy! - 227g
  • Tomato & Ale Chutney from Cwtch preserves, spice up your life with this one! A delicious tomato chutney with a hint of Ale. A little cracker for anytime of the year especially Christmas, handmade in Wales in small batches from the finest ingredients xxx - 311g
  • Beautifully presented in a fluted window burgundy carton.