Welsh Christmas Spectacular

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Amazing Welsh food hamper, full of Welsh delights!

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  • Glyndwr Brut Welsh Sparkling Wine 75cl- if you like Champagne you'll love this, excellent quality from our local vineyard wales! - 11.5%vol
  • Excellent bottle of Welsh red wine from Glyndwr vineyard, full of flavour – 75cl
  • Wonderful medium dry Welsh Elderflower wine, just perfect, great way to start Christmas xxx
  • Fantastic Great Taste award winning Welsh Elderport, no cheeseboard at Christmas would be the same without one! - 25cl - 20% vol
  • A wonderful box of Welsh hand made Chocolates, these wonderful chocolates have won the great taste award 2015! they will melt in your mouth!
  • Welsh Sweet Pickle Onions from Parsons traditional pickles, these will make your eyes water!, made with malt vinegar, herbs & spices - 450g
  • Baby Welsh Beetroot from Parons Pickles in Wales , great with those snacks on Christmas day! - 450g
  • Welsh Sweet Pickle, wonderful with those Christmas sandwiches or with that Christmas cheeseboard - 485g
  • Pheasant Pate, Welsh Potted Pig, this pate is excellent, full of natural flavours, you will want to come back for more! - 180g
  • Venison Pate, Welsh Potted Pig, very posh & gorgeous! a great big pot of luxury Pate full of natural flavours, this is a must for any Christmas - 180g
  • Rustic crackers from Tregroes in Wales, perfect with cheese & Santa's chutney, great with an after Christmas dinner tipple!
  • "Red Devil" a great Welsh Cheese this baby is a Gold winner! waxed cheese from the Snowdonia Cheese Company, a Red Leicester with chillies and crushed pepper, all you need to spice things up! - 200g.
  • Waxed cheese from the Snowdonia Cheese Company, the little Black Bomber is a mature Cheddar, best I’ve tasted! - 200g
  • Wholegrain Mustard with Whisky from, a mild course mustard with a hint of whisky. Fantastic with cold meats or in that cheeky sandwich. Each batch is made from the finest ingredients, handmade in Wales with lots of Welsh love - enjoy! - 227g
  • Welsh Legends Fudge, beautiful fudge presented in a carton, the finest mouth watering confection - 100g
  • Toffee Waffles from Tregroes in Wales. they are the best! a wonderful waffle with a soft butter toffee centre, free from artificial colours, flavours & preservatives - just perfect!
  • Welsh creamy fudge, beautiful Fudge from Wales presented in a carton, just perfect!- 100g
  • Santa's Welsh Christmas Chutney with Apple, Apricot & roasted chestnuts, what an amazing Christmas chutney, no cheeseboard with be the same without this one! - 311g
  • Welsh Christmas spiced orange marmalade, made with the finest ingredients, handmade in Wales in open copper pans – 227g
  • Welsh Cakes from Pembrokeshire, these ones are moist and sweet, a traditional taste of Wales.
  • Vintage Raspberry Jam, made in small batches the old fashioned way, fantastic on that afternoon scone! a wonderful jar of sunshine for anytime of the year xx - 340g
  • Strawberry & Champagne preserve, very posh & gorgeous from Cwtch preserves in Wales. Handmade in Wales in small batches in the traditional way. A true Welsh delight - 227g
  • Apple, plum & cinnamon preserve, handmade in Wales, an amazing sweet apple jam with a hint of cinnamon. - 340g
  • Apricot & Brandy preserve, this is just amazing! each small batch is handmade in Wales in the traditional way in open copper pans, wonderful on toast or with that little picnic! - 227g
  • Welsh Fruit and Brandy cake, what a fantastic Welsh Christmas treat, this cake is very moist and wonderful
  • Siwgr a Sbeis Mouthwatering Welsh Christmas Pudding, this one has won gold in the 2015 great taste awards with 2 stars! - 454g
  • A delicious Christmas Brandy Butter hand made in an open copper pan - 190g
  • Welsh Brew tea bags, 40 bags of fine quality tea, go on enjoy a cuppa! - 125g
  • Scrummy Chocolate Chip Cookies, just perfect for a boxing day treat! - 150g
  • Luxury Toffee & Vanilla Butter Bites, baked by hand using the finest ingredients, what a perfect biscuit!
  • Luxury quality large wicker hamper with leather straps which can be used again for any occasion